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Now that you have decided to visit us in Cyprus this is the page that will give you all the information you need to make a booking.

We have a relaxed attitude towards the booking process – no need to fill in booking forms or sign acceptance sheets. In a nutshell contact us so we can check we can fit you in for the dates you want and hold them while you organise flights. Then once flights have been secured we need a deposit to confirm the booking. Finally, 8 weeks before the start of your holiday we will need the balance transferred to us. And that’s all there is to it! Just jump to our contact page to get things in motion. However if you want a bit more detail carry on reading…

Once you have decided which apartment suits you and the dates you want to come, the best advice is to get in touch. You can also have a look at the availability chart below to give an indication of the times that are available. If you find it is booked already all is not lost, as it may be that a cancellation has just come in freeing up the time or someone has changed their booking from one apartment to the other. Equally if the time is showing as available please don’t book flights until we have confirmed it is free in case we have just taken a booking and not updated the calendar. You can also look at the Tariff Chart so that you know how much your accommodation is likely to cost.

 tariff 2


Click on the links to go to the relevant calendar: TERRACE APARTMENT    ::    GARDEN APARTMENT

The calendar will open in a new window.
planeOnce we have confirmed the apartment is available for you the next step is looking for a suitable flight. To help you with your booking we can hold the dates for you for a reasonable time so there is no need to book travel instantly. Shopping around is the name of the game in securing a good ticket price and we recognise that takes a bit of time. The nearest airport is Larnaca (LCA) but it is also worth looking at flights from Pafos (PFO). Scheduled and charter flights arrive at both airports. If at all possible booking your flight with a UK credit card is wise so that you have protection in case of problems with the carrier such as bankruptcy.  You can also read about the strategies we use to get a good flight deal.

Now that you have secured flights you will need to send a deposit to confirm your booking with us – this will have been outlined in the email we will have sent to you. Check you are happy with the terms and conditions that govern your booking with us and then transfer the payment into the account as detailed in the email you will receive from us. Alternatively, we can also now accept credit or debit card payments. We will confirm that the deposit has been safely received in the account and give you directions to the house and any other information you might need. Now you can sit back and relax while you count off the days to your holiday.

car hire logoI say sit back but you may want to look for suitable car rental in the meantime. You can find some advice on this post with regard to car rental. The main points to bear in mind is making sure you have a car with AC during the summer. Things start to warm up around May and can continue right through to November so AC might be worthwhile even in the shoulder months. Check collision damage waiver (CDW) cover. Some companies lure you in with a cheap rental rate then slap you with high CDW fees. Taking out an annual excess policy can often work out cheaper – get in touch if you want some advice. The other ‘scam’ car rental companies use is their refuelling policy. Here you pay in advance for the tank of petrol and then have to return it empty. They get you twice with this one. First they charge over the odds for the tank of petrol when you pick it up. For example they charge you €75 when you pick the car up but when you try to fill it up you will only be able to get €50 in the tank – a nice €25 profit. Then when you return the car it takes a brave soul to run the risk of running out of petrol when you are on the way to catch a plane by trying to get the tank down to empty. This means the company gains maybe a quarter tank from you. The fuel policy to look out for is where you pick the car up full and return it full. This way no one loses – there is a petrol station close by the airport that you can use and it has a 24 hour pay terminal for out of hours refuelling.

Just 8 weeks before the start date of your holiday you will need to transfer the remaining balance over. We will confirm it has arrived as we did with your deposit.

Finally, a week before you arrive we will need to receive a £100 damage deposit. We have had to introduce this deposit recently in order to cover damage that may occur while visitors are staying. Previously we used to absorb any damages and take it as part and parcel of stuff that happens. However with ever increasing costs incurred to replace items – for example we have had 4 umbrellas damaged this year when they were left up and the visitors had gone out… approximate cost 160 euros – we had to decide to either charge more per week from everyone or ask people to pay for the damage they cause. We thought it fairest to go down the route of ‘you damage, you pay’. Obviously we accept that breaking a glass or chipping a plate is going to happen; we have spares that we can use and we certainly have no intention of asking for £1.50 to cover the cost of a plate. However when someone lays down on the sheets when they are covered in sun cream and it results in stains that are impossible to get out then we shall be taking some money to cover the cost of replacement. It may be that you wish to chunk the damage deposit with the balance payment to save on any bank charges – just let us know. Assuming nothing happens while you are here, we aim to return your deposit using the faster payments system so it should be returned to you within a couple of days of you finishing your holiday.

Much of this information is covered on our Terms and Conditions page where we outline what you can expect us to do and what we expect you to do. We assume you have agreed to these terms when you book an apartment. After reading this, now all you have to do is to get in touch to book your holiday!








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  1. Judith Boundy says:

    Hi, would it be possible to book the garden apartment for 1 night only on Saturday 16th August 2014. We live in Peyia and are just looking for a night away. The booking would be for myself and my husband and my sister and adult daughter who would share a room. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Judith Boundy

  2. Sue Knights says:

    Hello, just wondered if there is availability in either of your properties over the Christmas period we are flexible over dates but would like to include Christmas Day and Boxing Day
    Thank You
    Sue & Peter

  3. Jacquie Bartley says:

    Hi interested in a get away week in May, I live in Bulgaria and have noticed that there are flights going from Varna Bulgaria.
    Regards Jacquie

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