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limassol information - the sea frontLimassol, or Lemesos as it is now known, is the second largest city in Cyprus. But this region is more than just a large city. Explore a little further afield and you will discover ancient sites like Kourion or Kolossi  Castle, quiet beaches to soak up the sun or even quieter mountain villages to soak up the atmosphere of bygone times. But no matter where you go there is a certain joie de vivre that isn’t matched by other areas in Cyprus. If you are looking for general Limassol information read on.

If you want to explore the area a car is a must in order to get to many places that are off the beaten track as public transport is patchy at best outside of the main towns. Driving tends to be undertaken with spirit in Cyprus; some would say with no regard to conventional rules of the road! Prepare yourself by reading our driving hints and tips. If you are stuck for inspiration of where to go have a look at our driving route ideas.

In the past Limassol has seen many historical comings and goings. In the 12th century Richard the Lionheart came to rescue his fiancée kourion amphitheatreand promptly married her at the site of Limassol castle. To the east of the town Amathus dates from 1000BC and a scattering of ruins mark out what was once one of the four kingdoms of Cyprus. From this ancient past Limassol has really grown partly as a result of the troubles of 1974. Recently an influx of Russian money has increased the spread of Limassol still further; this creeping urbanisation can be seen along the coastal strip as well as on the southern flanks of the mountains  of Troodos. With the increasing population there is more and more choice of places to eat, places to relax and places to stay confirming Limassol’s reputation as the party town of Cyprus.

Once you leave Limassol itself another side of the region shows itself. Small villages go about the business of everyday life with scant regard to what happens in the city. Others use the land to grow grapes or other crops. Small scale wineries offer tours in the hope of some extra sales and every so often a roadside table offers a variety of produce with an honesty box to one side.

Exploring the Limassol region lets you see the contrasts that typify much of the land. Dip into the different pages here to find what interests you. Please get in touch if you find somewhere you think others should know about on your travels. Also don’t forget if you have a question about finding Limassol tourist information to send it in and we will do our best to find the answer.

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