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pafos information - harbour fortThe Pafos region was once the quietest, most undeveloped part of Cyprus but times have changed. Pafos town has seen rapid building and increasing visitor numbers that are able to rival other tourist hotspots on the island. This is the area where Aphrodite was said to have come forth from the sea and reminders about the past are all around. A day visiting ancient highlights can be finished off with a visit to Bar Street in Paphos – enough cerebral and hedonistic temptations to quench anyone’s thirst. If you are looking for general Pafos information read on.

If you want to explore the area a car is a must in order to get to many places that are off the beaten track as public transport is patchy at best outside of the main towns. Driving tends to be undertaken with spirit in Cyprus; some would say with no regard to conventional rules of the road! Prepare yourself by reading our driving hints and tips. If you are stuck for inspiration of where to go have a look at our driving route ideas.

The expansion of Paphos is partly down to the building of the second airport. Visitors can now fly directly into the region from many European countries. The airport is at its busiest during the Summer months when many charter flights arrive full of eager holidaymakers. The town is lively with a range of accommodation from budget to luxury. With so many visitors there is no shortage of places to eat or drink from the basic pork chop and chips right through to high end restaurants. Within the boundaries of the town the mosaics near the harbour – a UNESCO World Heritage site – are a must see. There are lots of other ancient sites to see as well; all attesting to the important role Paphos played in the past.akamas view

If you tire of the busyness of Pafos a trip north will let you see another side to the region. The Akamas area is one of the last remaining natural areas unspoilt with brash development. Even this locality is increasingly under threat from the builder’s bulldozer – get there quick before it goes! A visit to the turtle hatchery at Lara beach or a walk along the Aphrodite Trail will soon satisfy your need for nature. Come during the Spring and you will be able to enjoy the explosion of colour from the Spring flowers that carpet the ground.

Exploring the Paphos region rewards you in infinite ways. No matter if you are town or country at heart, Paphos has something for you. Dip into the different pages here to find what interests you. Please get in touch if you find somewhere you think others should know about on your travels. Also don’t forget if you have a question to send it in and we will do our best to find the answer.

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