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troodos information - mapThe Troodos region occupies almost a quarter of the surface area of the island and is dominated by the peak of Mount Olympus at just under 2,000 metres above sea level. When you are this high you can count on a cooler climate compared to the coastal strip and you can expect it to be a good 15 degrees cooler than Nicosia. Visitors to the Troodos Mountains can enjoy spectacular scenery and wallow in a wealth of natural beauty. Depending on the time of year it is said that you can ski in the morning in the mountains and swim in the sea in the afternoon. If you are looking for general Troodos information read on.

If you want to explore the area a car is a must in order to get to many places that are off the beaten track as public transport is patchy at best outside of the main towns. Driving tends to be undertaken with spirit in Cyprus; some would say with no regard to conventional rules of the road! Prepare yourself by reading our driving hints and tips. If you are stuck for inspiration of where to go have a look at our driving route ideas.

Before the benefits of air conditioning were wide spread residents of the hotter more humid coastal towns would visit the Troodos villages to escape the excessive heat of high Summer. During colonial times hill station resorts such as Platres would entice those that could with a promise of relief from the heat. Even today many people stay for a week or so at one of the many hotels to enjoy cooler climes. Of course with the influx of Summer visitors hotels and restaurants can sometimes get very busy so to secure the place you want booking ahead might be a good idea,

In times past the Orthodox Church established places of worship in the Troodos Mountains in order to escape the gaze of the Ottoman Empire and these are one of thetypical troodos church main reasons many Cypriots and tourists visit the area. One of the most visited is the Kykkos Monastery and it seems no matter what time you go there is a steady procession of people dropping by. If the commercialism of Kyykos is not to your taste one of the churches containing Byzantine frescoes from the 15th century may be of more interest. UNESCO has listed many of these churches on the World Heritage register.

Other visitors to Troodos prefer the trekking possibilities and there are many trails that will not disappoint. The Forestry Commission has undertaken much work in keeping these trails open for walkers although it can sometimes be a good idea to check the state of a track with them especially during the Winter months when rain, snow and ice can damage paths. Trails around Mount Olympus are popular as is the walk up to the Caledonian Falls.

The Troodos area is different from other parts of Cyprus and this is often the appeal of the region. Although Troodos Square might be seen as touristy, for the most part you escape the ‘kiss me quick’ aspects of modern tourism seen elsewhere on the island. Dip into the different pages here to find something that interests you. Please get in touch if you find somewhere you think others should know about on your travels. Also don’t forget if you have a question to send it in and we will do our best to find the answer.

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